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AG Composites

Huntsville, AL
AG Composites is a designer, developer, and manufacturer of advanced composite products. Our mission and strength is helping customers who require complex designs and value light weight, heat resistance, and durability. We are a company where quality, innovation and performance characterize everything we do.

International ThermoDyne, Inc.

Charlotte, NC
ITD’s mission is to dramatically change how people and designers view their environment by introducing them to virtually unlimited sources of free, green energy. ITD believes that we can power the world around us by creating unique devices that harvest energy from sources previously considered inert and converting that energy into electricity. PowerFelt harvests the heat and motion that occurs naturally in our environment and converts it into usable electrical energy.

Connora Technologies

Hayword, CA
Connora Technologies is reprogramming molecules to make smart plastics a reality. They are able to couple innovative molecular design with industrial R&D to create economical and scalable chemical platforms. The next generation of plastic composite products can now be designed for recyclability, while maintaining the same performance characteristics of lightweight composites.

EV Container Corporation

Vacaville, CA
The Principals at EV Container Corporation have been leaders and innovators in the field of high-purity manufacturing and visionary design for over 30 years. The EVKeg is a safe, durable polyethylene beer keg that has the unique features of using a sanitized liner that is replaced with every fill eliminating the need for keg cleaning, and a self setting pressure relief valve that prevents the keg from accidental over pressurization. The EVKeg is revolutionizing the industry with lower operating costs and guaranteeing consistency of taste while imparting a huge positive impact on our environment.

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